From May through August, Iqaluit days are long and sunny, averaging 16 hours of daylight with temperatures of 5 °C to 25 °C.

The city enjoys nearly 24 hours of sunshine in late June and early July, with beautiful twilight skies for two hours around midnight. The shortest days of December have four hours of daylight, with the sun hovering on the southern horizon. Northern Lights are frequently seen from October to April. Winter temperatures of -10 °C to -32 °C are common.

Average Temperature in Iqaluit:

January -27 °C
March -24 °C
May -4 °C
July  8 °C
September  2 °C
November -13 °C

February -28 °C
April -15 °C
June  4 °C
August  7 °C
October -5 °C
December -23 °C