Serene waters with blocks of ice

A Trip of a Lifetime

Iqaluit is located near beautiful parklands that feature a range of landscapes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ancient Thule sites to visit

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Waterfall and cliffs

From May through August, Iqaluit days are long and sunny, averaging 16 hours of daylight with temperatures of 5 °C to 25 °C.

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At Tikippugut Inc., the traditional knowledge of our local Inuit guides is our best asset, and we are proud to be a 100% Inuit-owned and operated corporation.

Our crew has travelled Nunavut from East to West and North to the south with guides from the Qikiqtaaluk region (including the High Arctic) and the Kivalliq region. Our team is trained in Wilderness First Aid, and our captains are proficient in Small Vessel Operations (SVOP certified).

Whether you are looking for a short trip while visiting our beautiful capital or you are an avid
expedition enthusiast, we can provide an experience like never before.

We have led long voyages from Churchill, Manitoba, to Iqaluit by boat, sailing through the Hudson Strait, and have driven snowmobiles from Iqaluit to Rankin Inlet going around Fox Bassin.

We are also proud to offer you an entirely customizable experience. We invite you to contact us with information on what you would like to experience on your journey, and we can work with you to give you an unforgettable trip in a safe environment with our local guides.

If you want to discover Nunavut, Indigenous tourism will provide a unique experience with cultural relevance and stories from our ancestors.